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Direct democracy & a just financial and economic system.

Citizens for ​Citizens is a movement to create a fairer political, social and economic system.

It should be made known worldwide, since it is not possible to implement our ideas in one country only.  


Under basic idea we explain the main steps to be taken to achieve our goals.


Politicians should do what the majority of citizens want. Unfortunately, however, the political system is structured in such a way that this is never the case. Once elected, politicians do as they please, and cost a lot of taxpayers money, even once retired. They can do a lot of damage within the term of office. The same groups are being served well but for most citizens only a few crumbs remain. Slowly but surely everything is breaking down. The social system, financial and economic system, education, pensions and health. That's how it is in other countries, and that's how it will be in ours. However this can be prevented because technological progress gives us the possibility to have a much greater influence on politics today as well as personal responsibility and transparency. We have to dare a switch to a better and more modern system and finally regain power.

In Luxembourg, no one from Citizens for ​Citizens wants money from any one, or a well-paid position in politics or any other organization. 

Citizens for Citizens just wants to spread their ideas such as "digital direct democracy" and find out how many people can identify with these ideas and work together to create a fairer and better future for all of us.

We are aware that everything we describe here is only the foundation of what is ment to be, and that all details still have to be worked out. We think that this has to be done in full cooperation with all citizens willing to participate in that process, and most important, in full transparency.


The colored logo of BfB stands in no relation to any other organisation with a similar logo!

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