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The new way of getting out there

OFB is a new project for every singer, guitarist, bass player, keyboarder, and possibly other kinds of musicians, who want to organize and play gigs in a professional manner, without the hassle of being a permanent member of band. No rehearsals, no bothering with unreliable people.

How does it work?

  1. Send a message to OFB, stating the date, time, location and type of music of your gig, and what type of musicians you need. Please do this in a properly structured manner.

  2. Set: You can send a whole set list, or chose songs from the existing set list on OFB, which will be extended with time. Please make sure to have an audio copy of the songs that should be played, and if a singer is required, a copy of the lyrics for the songs, if they are not on the OFB set list.

  3. The administrator will check all details and post it on the OFB wall.

  4. Now you will have to wait for other musicians to answer. If more musicians than required are applying, you may chose the ones you think are the most suitable, or even agree to using more musicians sharing the set. This is up to all concerned parties.

  5. Once your choice is final, it is important to share this with everyone in the main post.

  6. From this point on, it is important to stay in contact with all chosen musicians, and provide the necessary tools (audio copy of the songs, lyrics, music sheets) so that all of the evolved musicians can properly prepare for the gig, and most important, prepare the correct versions of the songs.

As stated in the description, backing tracks can be provided to replace missing musicians. If a drummer is involved, this option might be less suitable though.

If you think that I have not considered relevant details, do not hesitate to contact the administrator of the OFB page.

Let's rock!

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