Where do we live?

Earth is a ball shaped Planet with a circumference of 40.075km at the Equator. It spins around its own axe at a speed of logically 1’669.8km/h. Within one year (365 days) Earth is travelling at a speed of 17.07 million km/h 149,598 million km around the sun. Really?

As Earth is a ball shaped planet, the horizon needs to fall 8mm over the distance of 1km.

So if you are a person of 1.80m body hight, and your eyes are more or less 1.70m away from the surface you're standing on... In this example you're standing right next to the sea (with your feet at sea level). Let's say there is an object floating in the sea. 1m of the object is always floating above sea level. If this object is 337.5km away from your eyes, you should not be able to see it anymore, at all, because from your perspective the object then is lower than the cumulation of 1m plus 1.70. Really?

Even if you have perfect eye sight, it does not take 337.5km for that object to disappear from your perspective.

As today we have Photo/Video cameras with high performance zooms, you can zoom in to an object over many kilometers. many people have repeated the experiment of zooming in on objects over a great distance, and found out that the calculation of the curvature of the earth can not be right, as they where able to see objects over a great distance, which should not be possible according to the curvature of the earth. What explanations do the authorities have for the result of these experiments?

If you take a look at the flight route commercial air planes take, many questions arise. Why are planes flying from the suther hemisphere far up to the nothern hemisphere to arrive in the suthern hemisphere again?

Do you really want to know the truth?

Do you have time to get to know the truth?

OK, here's a link to a video collection which will blow your mind: